Wednesday, August 12th, 2020



CoinsSummer, Babylon, Egypt and others world empires disappear, but gold and its value still stays. Since the days of Pharaohs, Emperors and Kings the Gold has been noble metal.  It always meant certainty , freedom, independence and purchase power. It served as means of payment or for production of jewellery.

In 1971 president Nixon cancelled so-called gold standard by the Dollar. Currency stopped to be protected by gold. The more of bank notes is print-out, the less of value they have. When you lose control of money, it can lead to galloping inflation , that met Germany in 1923. During that time prices push up to 685 % and for 1 Dollar you received 4,2 bilion Mark…


CoinsPresent economical situation in World is uncertain. Just like paper currency. Range of ecomists claims, that  paper currency was never in term of history get under control.  They can be unconrollably multiply or falsify. It´s imposible by the gold. The only real value are noble metals – gold and silver.   In 1904 lounge cost 1 ounce of gold (31,1g) = 20 USD. In 2009 it costs again 1 ounce = 1050 USD!!! So value of gold is still the same, in return bank-note lost during 100 years  almost 95% of its value.

Why gold?

It is easy to recognise the gold. It´s eternal. You can transfer and transport it very well. It is partible. It has large value in the rate of weight. It is the only optionally respected global currency. It is fascinating, magnetize with its beauty and rarity. It has excellent liquidity in small ingots. You can always change it for money or for goods!

Certainty for everybody

Every man, every familly should have certainty. We speak about protection against averse economic effects, protection of your property and generally about maintenance of your own existence and family. We present you  absolutely revolution program! Posibility of regular nobel metal contracting  purchase from 50 EUR monthly or lump purchase from 1.000,-EUR.

Absolute quality and metal purity   9,999  -    24   carat

  • Swiss partner  is the greatest  specialist  in the area of private sales and  bank deposits of noble metals in Europe
  • Sale – Free storage – We quarantee return surrender by contract
  • According to client desire it is any time possible to deliver his gold and silver from highly secured storage , buy back or negotiate sale
  • We guarantee delivery of gold and silver also at the time of high level of demand  (IQ-Invest: 27% share of Gold raffinery)
  • Contract partner  EMIRATES  GOLD  and  HERAEUS
  • Safe and free storage in neutral Switzerland
  • Posibility to buy less (from 1.000,- EUR)
  • Combination of one-time deposit with small monthly deposits (from  50 EUR )
  • There aro no taxes no VAT
  • Posibility grind to small pieces ,with which you can pay or convert  them into money – high and certain liquidity (in comparison with realties or big ingots )
  • 100% reliability , anonymity

Are you interested in contract shopping program or lump purchase? Just complete the form and we will contact you.

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